"Rode to the Cross"

September 28, 2019

Cowboy up for this cross-country competition of endurance and compassion! Formatted much like a horse-back version of a Walk-a-thon with a competitive twist! The farther you ride and the more sponsors you find, the more you will be helping Cowboy at the Cross Ministries reach the agricultural youth of the community through putting on Rodeo and Horse Training Bible camps. All riders start out from the same location. There will be stops along the way where you will be provided with water. Please bring your own food and other supplies. The main route is 21 miles long winding through some awesome back country you will never see from a car! Teams of 3 race to gather hidden flags along the ride and complete designated challenges for the chance to each win a plaque! There is also a 5 mile loop for those who aren't up for the long haul. This short option is just for fun as no prizes will be awarded.



Round up some of your friends to ride on a team with you. This a great excuse to ride with your buddies, just make sure they are all up for riding as far as you are! Decide on a team name and encourage each other to get your horses tuned up and in shape for this competition. Lots of sections of the trail are rocky so consider having your horses shod!



Each rider needs to find a sponsor -- a business or an individual who pledges to donated a certain amount of money per mile you ride. We encourage you to find 3 sponsors! This helps us get the word out to the community about our summer camps. It also provides an opportunity for businesses to advertise their services on our website and on banners in our arena. The more sponsors you get, and the more each sponsor pledges, the more your ride will be benefiting the agricultural youth of our community!


Fun in the Saddle

Show up promptly, and be ready for a fun time riding with your friends! The route covers a variety of terrain and has some beautiful views! Don't forget to pack a lunch and bring whatever else you might need along the way. Ride fast, find and all the clues, and you and each of your teammates may be going home with a pretty cool plaque!


"Rode to the Cross" will be held west of Montrose, starting where Rim Road turns off of Shavano Valley Road. The trail drops down into Dry Creek Canyon (yes, there will be a creek crossing involved if the water isn't too high) Then travel just below Transfer Road and loop back to the starting point on Rim Road.

MUST PRE-Register! Call (and leave message), text, or email to let us know you would like to participate and we will send you the neccasary brochure containing all the info plus a spot to get sponsor info written down.

Contact: Sydni Rice at 315-777-0275 or sydniwraps@gmail.com


(All of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the US Bureau of Land Management)